FFA tells video assistant refs to back off

Reeling from criticism sparked by heavy handed intervention from video assistant referees,, FFA has issued fresh guidelines to match officials, ordering them to back off for the remainder of the A-League season.
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In a memo sent to club CEOs on Wednesday, the game’s governing body made clear that they have told the VARs to think more clearly about when they get involved, and if possible, get involved much less than they have been so far. There has been significant criticism of the system from A-League clubs, coaches, players and fans as the trial period unfolded.

“In simple terms don’t go looking for infringements that are by definition not match-changing,” the FFA memo says.

The memo underlines that the “overriding principle of VAR is based on minimum interference for maximum benefit and to overturn clear errors in match changing situations.”

FFA has told the match officials that the VAR: Should only intervene when there is a clear/obvious error or a completely missed incident by the on-field referee;Should use a high threshold for intervention on fouls; Should focus on match-changing situations.

It means that on-pitch referees should no longer fear that the game will be “re-refereed” by officials high in the grandstand who, with the benefit of multiple angle coverage and slow motion replays, decide to completely change the original decision.

“Where potential serious foul play tackles have been seen and acted on by the on-field match officials by way of yellow card caution, the incident will not be reviewed by the VAR with the effect of being able to regrade to a send-off,” the memo says.

“The on-field referees should back themselves to identify the appropriate sanction (yellow and red card offences) knowing that the VAR will not upgrade a yellow to red on review.

“VARs will act on any serious missed incident that has not been seen by the referee. However the VAR is to use a high threshold for intervention.”

FFA also want the VARs to have more of a feel for what is going on in the game at the time of incidents.

“VARs are asked to be aware of game empathy. If the incident has not been noticed or affected the player on which the foul has occurred and no reasonable person would expect the game to be interrupted or action to be taken, then the VAR should allow the game to continue.

“‘Limit the use of on-field reviews (OFR) to when it is absolutely necessary. VARs should only be recommending a review and changing an on-field decision when the footage absolutely and clearly shows that the on-field decision is incorrect.”

The memos says that clear and obvious errors are the primary reason to overturn decisions which lead to the awarding of or disallowing of goals. These include when the ball crosses the line, when a player is offside or when a defender commits an offence in the penalty area which has not been seen.

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There’s more to drones than unwrapping and flying

WARNING: Mark and Jackie Dujmovic from Hover UAV want people to know that there are safety and privacy regulations that come with owning a drone. Picture: Simone de PeakDrones are expected to be a popular gift this Christmas, but an accredited Port Stephens drone pilot is warning the public that there are responsibilities that come with drone ownership.
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If not flown properly, drones can poserisks to people, property and aircraft.

Fines of up to $10,000 can be imposed for breaches of dronesafety regulations, which is whyJackie Dujmovic from the Port Stephens-based drone company HoverUAV said it was important people logged ontodroneflyer南京夜网419论坛and download theCan I Fly There? app as soon as they received one.

There’s more to drones than unwrapping and flying Drones that are popular with the public.

Drones that are popular with the public.

Drones that are popular with the public.

Drones that are popular with the public.

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“The Tomaree Peninsula (Bay area) is one of the hardest spots to fly in because there is so much restricted air space,” MrsDujmovic said.

“It’s important for safety of the operator and other people like friends and family to know how to control your drone, where’s safe to fly and to be aware of privacy.”

While not discouraging drones as gifts, MrsDujmovic, who is a fully licensed drone pilot, said there is more that goes along with owning one that just setting up and flying it, especially in the Nelson Bay area.

Due to the number of heliports in the area –spaces where helicopters are cleared to land –plus defence force operations, there are restrictions on the air space across the Peninsula.

These concerns have been echoed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

But CASA’s director of aviation safety, Shane Carmody, said teaching people to stay safe in the skies with adroneis easy.

“The keydronerules are really simple – stay more than 30 metres from people at all times, never fly within 5.5 kilometres of major airports, never put aircraft at risk, keep yourdronein your sight at all times and stay below 120 metres,” he said.

“CASA wants everyone to have fun with their drones but we need to make sure the safety rules are followed.

“Parents and carers have a responsibility to teach their kids aboutdronesafety and to supervise flights until it is clear the kids know how to fly safely.”

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The drone flyer website and app contains need to know information for operators.

Covered on the website and app is the rules for flying drones including respecting people’s privacy,where you can and cannot fly, best practice tips and tricks, safety videos by CASA, how to report unsafe flying, resources and a quiz.

MrsDujmovic recommended that drone owners brush up on their knowledge and took the quiz before flying.

She also said the website was valuable for the public who may have concerns about drones, and potential breaches of privacy.

“The best thing the do is download the app, jump on the website and do the quiz. It’s important for safety,” MrsDujmovic said.

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Ashes defeat more painful than cracked rib for England bowler

England fast bowler Craig Overton still holds some hope of experiencing the tradition of a Boxing Day Test but could face two months on the sidelines should he aggravate a rib injury.
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The struggling tourists had a day off on Wednesday but there was still much to ponder in terms of fitness, form and selection ahead of next week’s fourth Test.

Overton, 23, played out the Perth defeat with a hairline rib fracture after he dived awkwardly in a bid to take a catch off his own delivery. He risks a punctured lung should he declare himself fit in Melbourne and take another hit to the ribs.

While it appears unlikely he will play, Overton – arguably the tourists’ best bowler so far – says he will do all he can to in order to step out onto one of world cricket’s greatest venues, the MCG.

“The draw of playing in that game will be absolutely massive but I think you’ve also got to be realistic,” he said.

“There’s another game after Melbourne and then the New Zealand Test series as well. So it’s the bigger picture, not just one game.

“There’s quite a lot of swelling in it, so we’ve been dealing with that. We’ll wait and see but I hope three or four days will help.”

Overton, who has six wickets in his first two Tests after being overlooked in Brisbane, said his injury could have been much worse, and was told by medical staff to manage how he dived for the ball while fielding in Perth.

“It could have made it worse, or punctured a lung or something. That’s why I was making sure I didn’t dive too much on it, because then it could break properly and you could probably puncture a lung,” he said.

Overton’s absence in Melbourne would hurt England, for he has provided an aggressive ethos while also challenging batsmen with his bounce.

“I have felt like I’ve given it everything I can. Obviously, the results aren’t going our way quite at the minute but we feel we’re not that far off competing with them for periods of time. But they’re prolonging that and are playing better than us,” he said.

“I am still proud showing what I can do but for me it’s not about how proud I am as a cricketer, it’s about winning games for England. That’s what hurts the most at the minute – we’re not winning games. So we’ll be trying everything we can in the next one.”

Overton’s injury isn’t the only issue the tourists are dealing with. Stuart Broad, who was wicketless in Perth and has been criticised for appearing disinterested, is reportedly battling a left knee problem and had fluid drained from it last week. Broad is a man under pressure, with skipper Joe Root to weigh up whether to retain the status quo, take the new ball off him or make a bold call and drop him.

Former England captain Nasser Hussain has said “magical spells are becoming few and far between” for Broad, who has five wickets at 61.8 this summer.

Paceman Mark Wood, who reinforced what he is capable of by bowling at 145km/h for the England Lions last week, is likely to come into the frame for selection. Uncapped leg-spinner and former Sydney grade cricketer Mason Crane and South African born paceman Tom Curran, also uncapped, could be given a chance.

For all the finger pointing that has gone over why the tourists have failed to win the big moments, with Broad, James Anderson and Alastair Cook in the spotlight, former England captain Michael Vaughan believes that trio will still be around come the rematch in England in 2019.

“Decisions have to be made moving forward about what is going to be in the best interests of the England Test match team,” he told the BBC.

“I still think all three will play a part in 2019. It’s just, over the next couple of years, they will probably disappear and it is what is to come after them.

“They are going to take some replacing and that is going to be the difficulty for Joe Root, the management, Trevor Bayliss, how they manage that situation.”

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BHP warns peak body over coal

Coal stockpile at BHP’s Mount Arthur coal mine near MuswellbrookBHP says it will quit the Minerals Council of Australia in 12 months’ time unless the council backs away from its high-profile lobbying for the coal industry.
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After pressure from shareholder activist groups, and differences of opinion with the minerals council over coal policy, BHP this week published a review of its intentions.

The reviewsaid BHP had made a preliminary decision toleave another body, the World Coal Association, by the end of March. It would make a decision on its membership of the US Chamber of Commerce at the same time.

A spokesperson for the minerals council said: “BHP has been a valued member for many years and we look forward to that relationship continuing.”

The review noted that BHP paid the minerals council $1.86 million last year in subscription fees, an amount that made up 17 per cent of the council’s income from members. Although this was reported without comment in the review, it was presumably published to emphasise BHP’s importance to the financial future of the minerals council.

The Newcastle Herald has approached the minerals council for a response but there was nothing publicly available on its website as of Wednesday afternoon.

Climate group 350.org Australia welcomed the move by BHP, while others pointed out that BHP still owns coal mines, including Mount Arthur Coal, described by the company as the highest producing mine in the Hunter region.

In the review, BHP says: “Industry associations are . . . an important forum for debate and we believe they are most effective when they allow discussion of a wide range of views.

“However, having a range of members can also make it difficult to form a consensus or ‘industry’ view, particularly if the topic has different impacts for different members.

“We believe that in areas where no broad industry consensus exists, associations should generally refrain from advocacy in those areas, with individual members being best placed to outline their views independently.”

In setting out its “material differences” with the minerals council, BHP says the council “has at times argued that energy policy should prioritise reliability and affordability over other policy goals”.

BHP believed “climate policy and energy policy are inextricably linked, and that energy reliability, energy affordability and emissions reduction should be considered on an integrated basis”.

BHP said the minerals council had been lobbying the federal government to back so-calledHigh Efficiency Low Emissions (HELE) coal power generators, whereas the company believed “government intervention in resources and energy markets should only be in response to a demonstrated market failure and informed by cost-benefit analysis”.

Thirteen-year-old boy recovering after Braidwood crash

The 13-year-old boy airlifted to Canberra Hospital after Tuesday’s horror crash near Braidwood is awake and recovering in ICU, according to his mother.
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Thomas ‘TJ’ Campagna, from Jerrabomberra, was travelling with his mother, Alanna Davis, and a family friend on the Kings Highway on Tuesday afternoon when a car crossed onto the wrong side of the road colliding with two vehicles.

Five people, including TJ and his mother, were transported to Canberra Hospital for treatment.

Ms Davis said her son underwent surgery on Tuesday night and was kept sedated until Wednesday morning when he woke up and was able to communicate with his family. TJ is expected to remain in ICU for several days at least.

“I’d particularly like to thank all the firemen, paramedics, police, nurses, doctors and surgeons for all they have done for our family,” Ms Davis said.

“It’s a debt that can never be repaid. Also thanks to all the people who stopped [on the road] to help.”

TJ is a keen rugby union and league player. Ms Davis said TJ would be particularly upset that he won’t be able to start the season with his teammates while he recovers.

She asked for the Canberra and Queanbeyan community to show support for her son by wearing their favourite league or union jerseys on Friday and posting an image to social media with the hashtag #Footy4TJ.

A Batemans Bay woman was charged with dangerous driving and will face Queanbeyan Local Court on Wednesday afternoon.

A police statement said two other people from the crash remained in a serious condition in Canberra Hospital.

The crash closed both lanes of the Kings Highway on Tuesday, between the Shoalhaven River and Larbert Road, affecting traffic for hours.

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