Avoid mistakes with care

HELPING HAND: Sue Mann Nursing and Community Care has more than 30 years of experience helping improve the quality of life of the elderly, from the Hunter, to the Central Coast and Upper Sydney.Have you or your parents been thinking about hiring a Home Care Provider to give you a little extra help and freedom? Have you been thinking about taking advantage of the government packages that are available?

Sue Mann Nursing and Community Care has compiled a list of the biggest mistakes people make, and what to look for to help ensure you choose an excellent provider who can fulfill your needs and help improve your life.

Mistake 1 Choosing a provider that doesn’t have decades of experienceRecent years have seen many, less experienced In-home Aged Care service providers pop up. Be sure to choose one with many years of experience. A provider that can give you the confidence and care you need.

Mistake2 Choosing a provider that doesn’t offer a full range of services and careMany providers are just too small to offer a full range of services, meaning you won’t have access to all the services that you require. As the largest provider in the region, Sue Mann offers a specialist approach and comprehensive range of services including clinical care, allied health, dementia, and more.

Mistake 3 Choosing a provider that doesn’t give you flexibility of choiceIt’s important that your provider can give you the flexibility you need, without the headaches or red tape. Sue Mann offers the full range of government-subsidised programs, providing flexibility to transition as your care needs changes.

Mistake 4 Choosing a provider that doesn’t understand your needsIn-home Care is about you and improving your life. Sue Mann focuses on your story, your needs and what makes you happy to support you living at home amongst family, friends and your local community.

Mistake 5Choosing a provider that doesn’t help simplify the process for youThe In-home Aged Care system can be a little hard to navigate. It’s important that someone really takes the time to sit with you and explain how it all works so that you can get the best service and the most value from your package.

These tips will help you avoid the biggest mistakes people make when choosing a home care provider and help you find one that will best suit you.

For further help with In-home Aged Care Services and learning how you (or your parents) can remain independent in your (or their) own home for longer, while receiving the care they need, call Sue Mann Nursing and Community Care on 1300 241 300.

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