Gig guide December 28

PARTY: Bliss N’Eso will bring in 2018 at the Cambridge Hotel’s New Year’s Eve Block Party on Sunday.MUSIC5 SawyersFriday,Alessandro. Saturday, DJ Perry Carter. Sunday, AK Morris.

Anna Bay TavernSaturday, Back 2 Rock.Sunday, The Way.

Australia Hotel CessnockSunday, Green Ginger.

Avon Valley InnSaturday, The Tantrums.

Bar PetiteFriday, Grayson. Saturday, Dean Kyrwood. Sunday, GW Freebird & Friends.

Battlesticks BarFriday,Audie Franks.

Bay HotelSaturday, Troy Kemp.

Beach Hotel Friday, The Col Tegg Experience.

Bellbird HotelFriday, DJ 88.

Belmont 16sFriday, Hayden Johns, Wayne & The Wanderers. Saturday, Emily Smith, The Years. Sunday, Bobby C, Anthology.

Belmont SportiesSunday, Spank N The Monkey.

Belmore HotelSaturday, Misbehave. Sunday, Project X.

Beresfield Bowling ClubFriday, Paperboy. Saturday, Big Night Out. Sunday, Tailgate Drive.

Blackbutt HotelFriday, Chris Daniel.Saturday, The Bad And The Ugly.

DROPPING BEATS: Kilter is part of an electronic heavy Block Party line-up.

The BradfordFriday, Witchery.Saturday, Viagro.

Burwood InnFriday, Jess Holland.

Cambridge HotelSunday, NYE Block Party ft.BlissN’Eso,ElkRoad,Kilter,TouchSensitive,Asta,Kwame,Jayteehazard.

Cardiff Bowling Club Sunday, La Bomba Rock.

Cardiff RSL ClubFriday, Rock Factor. Saturday, Train Wreck. Sunday, DV8.

DARK DELIGHT: William Crighton heads up a big night at the Grand Junction Hotel on Sunday.

Catho PubSaturday, Darren Rolling Keys.Sunday, Rj N K,Sunday,The Search Party.

Central Charlestown Leagues ClubFriday, Mark Wells. Saturday, Hayden Johns.

Cessnock Leagues ClubFriday, Emily Smith. Saturday, The Andy Show. Sunday, Hayden Johns.

Charlestown Bowling ClubFriday, Phil McKnight. Saturday, Kim. Sunday, OZ.

Club LemonTreeFriday, Jackson Halliday.Saturday, Damien.Sunday, Jumpin Jukebox.

Club Maitland CityFriday, Big Pete.Sunday, 24 Hours.

Club Redhead Sunday, Club Esky.

Club Wyong RSLFriday, Whiskey Business Duo.Sunday, Jake Rattle and Roll.Sunday, Romney Watts.

Colliery InnFriday, Roxy.

Commercial HotelBoolarooFriday, Angie.

Commercial Hotel MorpethFriday, James Naldo.Saturday,Mardmax.

Criterion Hotel WestonSunday, Ash Mountain.

Crown & Anchor HotelSunday,NYE 80’s Party.

Cypress LakesFriday, Anyerin. Saturday, Jerome. Sunday, The Rumour.

D’Albora MarinaFriday,Max Jackson.Sunday, Karen O’Shea.Monday, Todd Schmoo.

Denman HotelSunday, Darren Rolling Keys.

Denman RSL ClubSunday,Sami.

Doyalson RSL ClubFriday, Purple Hearts.Saturday, Brazillian Brothers Duo.Sunday, Katie N Feff.

Duke Of WellingtonFriday, Matt Scullion.Saturday,Iguana Duo.Sunday, Jackson Broadway.

East Cessnock Bowling ClubSunday, Norm Bakker.

East Maitland Bowling ClubFriday, Jumpin Jukebox.Saturday, The Remedy. Sunday, Big Night Out.

East’s Leisure & Golf ClubSaturday,Bonny Rai.

Edgeworth Bowling ClubSunday, Dean Kyrwood, The V-Dubs.

Edgeworth TavernSunday, Barracuda –A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac.

Exchange HotelSaturday, Matt McLaren.

Family Hotel MaitlandFriday, Lennie Live.

Fingal Bay Sports ClubSunday, Karen O’Shea.

FinnegansSunday, Kingstone, Sonic, MC Kidd Kaos.

Flow Bar –Old BarSunday, Cover It Up.

Gallipoli Legion ClubSaturday, Marriah, DJ Bubby.

Gateshead TavernFriday,Paparazzi.Sunday,Kevin O’Hara.

George TavernFriday, Joel Oakhill.Saturday, Max Jackson.

Goldfish Bar & Kitchen PokolbinSunday,Paperboy.

Grain StoreSaturday,Matt McLaren.

Grand Junction HotelSunday, Muzzy Pep, William Crighton Band, Lennie Tranter & The Bagism Revelation, Skyscraper Stan, Gogo Sapien, Labia Of Love.

Great Northern Hotel TeralbaSaturday, Darren.

Greenroof HotelFriday, Todd Schmoo.

Gunyah HotelFriday, Hayden Shepherd.Saturday, Phonic.Sunday, Angel Gear, Zachary Israel.

​Hamilton Station HotelSunday,Pist Idiots,Archy Punker,Viral Eyes,Scumdrops.

Harrigan’s PokolbinFriday, Prestige Inc. Saturday, Kyle Cartner, Loose Bazooka. Sunday, Arley Black, Frick N Orson, Dos Eager.

Hawks Nest Golf ClubFriday, Mark Lee.

Hexham Bowling ClubSaturday, 2GoodReasons. Sunday, 3 Of A Kind.

Honeysuckle HotelFriday, Soundabout.Monday,Matt McLaren.

Hotel CessnockSunday, Pat Vs Cat.

Hotel DelanyFriday,Dos Eager.Saturday, The Urge.

Hotel JesmondFriday, Bandditts.

Imperial Hotel SingletonSaturday, The V-Dubs.

Jewells TavernSaturday, Reg Sinclair. Sunday, Misbehave.

The Junction HotelFriday, Pete McCredie.

Kent HotelFriday, Project X. Saturday, X&Y. Sunday, Rooftop Hip-hop Party, Overload.

Lake Macquarie Yacht ClubFriday, Cotton Sax & Strings. Sunday, Evergreen.

Lakeside Village TavernSunday, Panic Station.

The LandingSunday, Signora.

Lambton Park HotelFriday,Aqwa.

Lass O’Gowrie Thursday, Strangers With Candy,Yev Kassem.Friday,One Day Apart,Polar Chills,Zampa.Saturday,Nugwardo,Onshore,Daze. Sunday,Red City,Diplazer,dave,E4444e, DJ Jakesy.

Lemon Tree HotelSaturday, Murray Byfield.

Lizotte’s Friday,Oh Boy The Buddy Holly Show. Saturday,Rumours – A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac. Sunday, The Beatnix.

Lucky HotelFriday, Lucas Fowler. Saturday, Adrianna Mac Duo.

Maitland Leagues ClubSunday, Hard Drive.

Mark HotelFriday, Bobby C. Saturday, Anyerin. Sunday, Loko.

Marks Point Sports ClubSunday,Viagro.

Mary EllenFriday,Zane Penn.Saturday, Dos Eager.Sunday,The Cassettes.

Maryland TavernFriday, Just Jade. Saturday, Daniel Arvidson. Sunday, Sue & Mikey Show.

Mavericks On The BayFriday, Kim. Saturday, Joel Oakhill. Sunday, Chad Shuttleworth.

Mavericks On DarbyFriday, Bonny Rai.Saturday,Zane Penn.Sunday, Max Jackson Duo.

Mayfield Ex-ServicesFriday, The Way. Saturday, Loko. Sunday, Busta Thong.

Mezz Bar at Wallsend DiggersFriday,Loko, DJ Angelo.Saturday,Project X, Alessandro.Sunday,All Access 80’s, Boney Rivers.

Morriset Country ClubFriday, Spank N The Monkey.

Murray’s BrewerySunday, Cathy Cannon. Monday, Grayson.

Nag’s Head HotelFriday, Reg Sinclair.Saturday, Chad Shuttleworth.

Nelson Bay Bowling ClubFriday, Sami.

Nelson Bay DiggersFriday, Dr Zoom. Saturday, The Levymen. Sunday, Hummingbirds.

Nelson Bay Golf Club​Friday,Ryan Daley. Saturday, Gareth Hudson.

Newcastle Airport Friday, Roxy.

Newcastle Cruising Yacht ClubFriday, Michael Muchow. Sunday, The Years.

Northern Star HotelFriday,Josh Callaway.Saturday,Jack Derwin.

Paxton Bowling Club Sunday,Melody Feder.

Pedens CessnockFriday, Tim Broadway.Saturday, Amigos.

Pelican RSL Club Sunday, The Klassics.

Pippis At The PointFriday, Arley Black,Dean Kyrwood.Saturday,Deuce.Sunday, Matt McLaren,Pete McCredie.

Plough InnFriday, Brett O’Malley.

The Poyer’s Lemon Tree PassageSunday, Pete McCredie.

The PourhouseSaturday, James Naldo. Sunday, Driver 8.

Premier HotelSaturday, Evergreen.

Queens Wharf Sunday, Mental As Anything, Floyd Vincent & The Temple Dogs, Venom Lips, Throw Me To The Wolves.

Queens Wharf HotelFriday, Pete Gelzinnis, Big Night Out. Saturday, The Mokos, Uptown. Sunday, Mark Wells, Wharf Life.

Railway Hotel CessnockFriday, Hendo.

Royal Hotel SingletonSunday, Katie N Feff.

Royal Motor Yacht Club TorontoFriday, Layth Gunn.Sunday,Bob Allan.

Rutherford Hotel​Saturday, Kellie Cain. Sunday, Mardy Leith.

Seabreeze HotelFriday, Viagro.Sunday, James Naldo. Monday, Kidd Kaos,Kingstone,Extraordinate.

Shenanigans at the ImperialSaturday, Katie N Feff.

Singleton DiggersSaturday, Witchery.Sunday, Rendezvous,Sunday, Soundabout.

Soldiers Point Bowling ClubFriday, Emile. Saturday, Blue Suede Boppers. Sunday, Outerphase.

South Newcastle Leagues ClubSaturday, Pistol Pete.Sunday,Todd Schmoo.

Spinning Wheel HotelFriday, Mick Jones.

Stag and Hunter HotelSunday, Chase The Sun, Diplaza, Wysper.

Stockton Bowling ClubFriday, Karen & Milton. Saturday, DJ Symon. Sunday, Alternate Grooves.

Swansea RSLClubSaturday, Wayne & The Wanderers. Sunday, Echo’s Of The Sixties.

Swansea Workers Club Sunday, Voodoo Punch.

Tea Gardens Country ClubSunday, Loose Bazooka.

Tea Gardens HotelSaturday, Brendan Murphy.Sunday, Phil McKnight.

Tilligerry RSL​Friday, Rendezvous.Saturday, Mark Lee.Sunday,Rock Factor.

Toronto DiggersFriday & Sunday, 40 Up Club.

Toronto HotelSunday, Pistol Pete, Jeremy Bilson.

Toronto WorkersSaturday, Phil McKnight. Sunday, Todd Schmoo.

Victoria Hotel HintonFriday,Damien.Saturday, Mick Jones.Sunday, Zane Penn.

The Vintage Golf ResortMonday, Pat Vs Cat.

Wangi Wangi RSLClubSunday, The Leadbellies.

Warners At The BayFriday, Matt McLaren.Saturday, Redline.

Warners Bay HotelSaturday, Triple Zero.

Westfield KotaraSaturday, Bobby C. Sunday, The Gleesons.

Wests CardiffSaturday, Rave On. Sunday, Cruzers.

Wests MayfieldSunday, Alias.

Wests New LambtonThursday, Angamus. Friday, Dr Zoom. Saturday, Misbehave. Sunday, The DuoTones, Rubber Bullet.Tuesday, Angamus.

Wests NEX CitySunday, The Smarts.

Wickham Park HotelFriday,Loose Bazooka.Saturday, Grant Walmsley Freebird Blues Band ft. Holly Wilson.Sunday,Ngariki,DJ Pucko.

Windsor Castle HotelSaturday, Ryan Daley.

MOVIESBreathe (M)The inspiring true love story of Robin and Diana Cavendish, an adventurous couple who refuse to give up in the face of a devastating disease. Their heartwarming celebration of human possibility marks the directorial debut of Andy Serkis. (Tower)

Coco(PG)Despite his family’s baffling generations-old ban on music, Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz.

Daddy’s Home 2(PG)Father and stepfather, Dustyand Bradhave joined forces to provide their kids with the perfect Christmas.

Downsizing(M)Imagine what might happen if, as a solution to over-population, Norwegian scientists discover how to shrink humans to five inches tall & propose a 200-year global transition from big to small.

Ferdinand(G)After Ferdinand, a bull with a big heart, is mistaken for a dangerous beast, he is captured and torn from his home.

Goodbye Christopher Robin(PG)A behind-the-scenes look at the life of authorA.A. Milneand the creation of the Winnie the Pooh stories inspired by his sonC.R. Milne. (Lake Cinema)

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle(PG)Four high school kids discover an old video game console and are drawn into the game’s jungle setting, literally becoming the adult avatars they chose. What they discover is that you don’t just play Jumanji – you must survive it.

Paddington 2(G) Now happily settled with the Brown family, Paddington picks up a series of odd jobs to buy the perfect present for his Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday, only for the gift to be stolen.

Pitch Perfect 3(M)Following their win at the world championship, the now separated Bellas reunite for one last singing competition at an overseas USO tour, but face a group who uses both instruments and voices.

Stars Wars Episode VIII:The Last Jedi(M)Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares to do battle with the First Order.

The Greatest Showman(PG)The story of P.T Barnum, a visionary who rose from nothing to create a mesmerizing spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.

Wonder(PG)A boy born with a facial deformity is destined to fit in at a new school, and to make everyone understand he’s an ordinary kid.

THEATREHonk JrLively musical adaptation of fairy tale The Ugly Duckling, with a young cast playing the farmyard animals with very different views of a very unusual baby bird. Maitland Musical Society. Maitland Pro Cathedral (St John’s Hall): January 5 to 14; Friday and Saturday at 7.30pm, Sunday at 2pm. James Theatre, Dungog: Saturday, January 20, at 7.30pm, Sunday, January 21, at 2pm.

Operation Ouch! Live on StageDr Chris and Dr Xand, the identical twin stars of the popular children’s television series, explore medical science from a kid’s-eye view, creating incredible medical stunts and crazy experiments. Andrew Kay and Associates, at the Civic Theatre, Newcastle. Monday, January 8, at 2.30pm and 5.30pm.

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